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Set along the slope of a forest-clad hill, beside a sprightly mountain stream that forks as it flows through the estate , coming together and broadening at the end of the slope, Vacanza  is an exquisite hideaway and a naturalist's treasure trove. Wrapped in the enchantment of a lush  green setting, beneath the enormous interlaced canopy formed by majestic trees, stone paved paths fringed by tropical plants wind through leading to an estate house, designed in architecture influenced to a great extent by the vernacular of the region. The accommodations are spacious, equipped with the basic required amenities and verandas that look out at fabulous views of the estate and Tadiyandamol peak - an intimate experience of the surrounding sights and sounds. Available in configurations that range from  renting out a single room or the entire upper floor that has 4 spacious rooms .

Days usually begin with the rousing melody of a Malabar Whistling Thrush and then the forest comes alive,insects and birds begin their life songs. The day ahead is ripe with possibilities -splendidly plumed tropical birds on overhanging branches, colourful butterflies and the insistent chatter of cicadas, the irresistible lure of the jungle - the incessant throb of nature is the only clock you will need here. Allow yourself to be seduced by the promise of discovery and  bliss  - body, mind and soul.

ABOUT vacanza

Traditional kodava
Private  Fire Pit
Hiking trails
Padi igguthappa temple
Coffee Blossom
Vacanza Driveway
Vacanza Estate house
Nalknad palace
Sprinkler Irrigation
Morning sun rays
View of the paddy fields
Born Fire
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